Golden Drink

SNC Golden Drink Amra & Co

Is a company specializing in the production of carbonated drinks, fruit juice and fruit converting, relying on a high level of advanced technology in this field to achieve high quality products.

Our factory is located in the industrial zone of Akbou in the district of Bejaia. It is around 20 000 square meters, with four production lines, it employs 200 workers in various technological disciplines. The company’s income for the year of 2018 is estimated around 40 million Euros. Golden Drink manages a rich portfolio of several leading brands in their field in Algeria.
Achieving a distinguished service for our customers is our aim; and preventing and managing the risks is our challenge , which made our company impose its strategy in achieving a highly sustainable development.
The company is characterized by a variety of products: Soft drinks Soda (Fine, Zest, FC Cola). Fruit juice carbonated & non-carbonated (Tazej, Fine, Fruix, Fino KIDS). The quality of the drinks developed and marketed by Golden Drink has enabled it to export to several countries in Africa and Asia.

Our values


We work tirelessly to meet and anticipate consumer needs

Amélioration continue

Nous considérons que nous pouvons faire toujours mieux et plus

Responsabilité sociale

la réussite financière de notre entreprise doit bénéficier à notre écosystème tout entier 


We work tirelessly to meet and anticipate consumer needs

Continual improvement

We believe that we can always do better and more

Social responsibility

the financial success of our company must benefit our entire ecosystem